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locksmith camden and the history of the trade 1

locksmith camden and the history of the trade 2With roots in traditional tradesman services, blacksmithing and a mixture of different elements, our trade was born.

Although not certain of where or when these images are from, your caring and traditional locksmith Camden service team would like to share them with you.

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If you are interested in becoming a locksmith, or if you are just wondering where it all began we would like to give you a brief history here. The word locksmith in itself shows some indication towards where its history lies.

A smith of locks, originating out of the term blacksmith who was referring to an individual working with steel and different types of metal. In the times of the middle-ages most commonly a blacksmiths job was to forge weapons and armour for their king and knights.

At times armour for their horses were also requested. As the role of a blacksmith moved from catering mainly for royalty and those high up in the ranks, to anyone who could afford it, the demand for mechanisms such as locks were rising. Those individuals who then became specialised in the making of locks, a mechanical engineering and design task as well as a metal working craft also became recognised for their skills and gained their own dedicated title as locksmith.

the locksmith old anglo keyThe locks which were crafted is one of the oldest forms of security mechanisms, the profession was always a two sided one.

And in the earlier days of the professions their skills were both respected and revered as well as feared, due to their knowledge on locking mechanisms.

Since then the security industry and the profession of locksmiths have moved a long way, and from advanced mechanical engineering wonders of locking mechanisms which were crafted between the 17th and 20th century all the way up to the current wonders of the digital age where locks, alarms and security mechanism are integrated lies countless of generations of locksmiths who passed their knowledge of the trade through family and apprentices.

In the present day you can learn how to be a locksmith, and the skills required today is far from that of the original locksmiths tradesmen where it all began. The locksmiths of today does far more than just craft locks and keys to open them. Mechanical engineering, technological advances and a different world of threats requires the modern day locksmith to be able to not only do all the things which were done in the olden days. Many locksmith services today are not only able to provide you with key cutting and lock installations, but also supply security products, assess security risks when performing security inspections and surveys, use a wide range of different tools, deal with a wide range of different types of customers, from private, small businesses, shops, office environments and much more. So from the first locksmith, until now the trade and the industry has come a long way. From the initial locksmith, there are today lock and security product manufacturers, security services and monitoring companies, security gadget companies as well as the traditional locksmith service which provide a wide range of services, dealing with a wide range of products, systems and knowledge.

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