Your dedicated locksmith Enfield service are here to cover all your requirements

Even your emergency service needs. You can get us on the line at any time and we’ll be there to resolve your lockout situation as fast as possible. With non destructive methods we can resolve the vast majority of lockout cases and with the lines open 24 hours a day, every day, you will never be left outside when time is of the essence. Should you require any other locksmith Enfield services, the team is flexible in hours, and you can always trust on us to accommodate for your timetable. Amongst the wide variety of regular services we provide you can also find custom and specialised lock services here, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your inquiry.

Day to day services available from your locksmith Enfield experts

locksmith enfield key in door locklocksmith
– Window lock installation
– Security bars and security gate installations
– Security and burglar alarms
– Integrated security and monitoring systems installation
– Security surveys
– Expert, applicable individual security advice
– And much more!

Individual security solutions from your locksmith Enfield team

locksmith enfield home security alarmUnderstanding customers and understanding the security needs of our customers is something that we have been specialising in for many long years. In this time, your locksmith Enfield service team have learned that each property, each individual and each circumstance has different security needs. This is why we ensure that each security solution that we provide, in full, from advice and security survey, to installation is tailored exactly to the property, person and area in question.

So to ensure that you have proper and applicable security installed at your home or for your business, come to your locksmith Enfield security expert and rest assured that your property is protected, also ensuring that you can rest better at night. With the correct locks for your doors and window as well as for your garden and outdoor areas you will also cover compliance with your insurance policy if you have one. Meaning that should a worst case scenario become reality, there will be no issues with claims due to lacking security at your property. So always feel free to give your locksmith Enfield a call, with your questions or with your requirements. We can help ensure a safer and more secure future for your loved ones and for your financial investments.

Making sure that you and your family, your property and your business is our top priority, and with competitive prices on our security solution installations, you will also get a great deal on a security package which is current, of the highest quality and applicable to your individual security needs.

Multi layered security for your home with your locksmith Enfield service

multiple points of security with your locksmith enfieldYou may have heard the saying less is more, and in many cases that is something that the group here agrees with, however, when it comes to something like your home security situation, more often than not, more is actually more.

What your experienced locksmith Enfield service has learned though the many years of having advised, supplied and installed security equipment for regular private home owners, is that the best approach is what we like to think of as a multi layer approach.

By adding more factors to your home security situation you are adding one of the most important things which make up an ideal. Only second to the physical protection that good locks on your doors and security bars for your high risk windows is that deterring factor which is emphasised by a layered approach.
If you think about it as your locksmith Enfield service does, if you are a burglar searching for a target, chances are that you would not look twice at home which is well lit, that has an alarm panel, which has no desirable goods displayed in the windows and that has those pesky loud gravel stones on the paths around the house. There are simply too many risk factors involved.

Your locksmith Enfield service knows that if your home looks secure from the outside, it’s very unlikely it will be targeted, and if there is nothing that can be seen through the windows of high value no burglar will risk being caught for nothing. Of course this little anecdote only contains a few factors which are good to keep in mind when it comes to creating a good security situation, and if you want to know more, you can always get in touch with your locksmith Enfield home security experts for a consultation today.

Locksmith Enfield provide High Security Gates, Grills, Shutters, Bars and much more for your home or business

security shutters close up with your locksmith enfieldTake contact with a great, respected and recommended locksmith Enfield service today, a bunch who is always on the move, scoping, searching, finding and providing installation of the finest and most effective security solution for you. Today we would like to let you know that among the wide variety of services you can find with this friendly team are many, and perhaps for you as a business owner especially relevant may be the fact that we can bring you the help and advice you need to keep your premises and your stock and equipment in the best possible way from a security point of perspective.

The understanding locksmith Enfield service knows just how much time, energy, passion and love that you have poured into your business investment, and aside from keeping your work secure, speaking to an expert will also bring light to the security of your finances. By keeping in line with your insurance security policy and guidelines you will keep risk away, and the best thing is that you don’t even have to worry about it. By getting in touch with someone who knows the area of security, you can rest well at night and focus your attention to the daily running of your business.

If you have specific requirements, your locksmith Enfield service are always happy to supply what you need, all that you require is but a phone call away. So don’t hesitate, dial our number today to find out more, and should you have any questions your happy locksmith Enfield service are always ready to answer then!

Ensuring proper protection with an alarm system by your Locksmith Enfield

For a trusted locksmith Enfield service having a home alarm system installed at home is a must, but it’s also understood that it can be a daunting task if you are looking at a security system for your home for the first time.

There are a wide variety of systems available, and it can be difficult to know in among all of these what to choose, and why. What your experienced locksmith Enfield service would recommend here is to speak to an expert.

Here you can also find an article about home alarm systems, in which you can see what type of sensors are available for different systems, which may bring you to a better idea of what would be suiting for your choice.

The importance of high Locksmith Enfield standard anti snap locks

A locksmith Enfield security expert would like to share some vital information with you as a home or business owner with regards to your security. If you have a look at the video below, it is showcased just how easy it is to break into a lock which is not up to the standard it needs to be.

This video may be from a couple of years back, but if you have not yet updated your locks, a locksmith Enfield service expert would like to make sure you are on the ball, and get in touch with a professional as soon as possible to ensure that you are not still vulnerable to this type of attack.
If you live in this experts area you can always get in touch with your dedicated locksmith Enfield service provider, to have the proper protection fitted for your doors today.

If there are any questions in your mind, or if you are unsure of what type of lock that you have installed currently, you can always speak to your locksmith Enfield service, where you will be able to find the help, advice and the products you need which are up to standards, and provide strong protection against this common form of attack.

Just by having an anti snap cylinder installed on your door you will also deter any burglar who only uses this way of gaining entry. So there is no reason to wait, call your locksmith Enfield service today, and make sure that your locks for all your door entry points are up to date.

Locksmith Enfield Installing motion detection light.

locksmith enfield key ringHere at Locksmith Enfield we understand the worry of being broken into, especially if your area has had a string of recent break-ins.

Having a bright garden light that turns on automatically when it senses movement will frighten any intruder!

Here at Locksmith Enfield we can install a basic motion sensor which will trigger the light! So call your local Locksmith Enfield today. Don’t hesitate when it comes to the security of your home and loved ones. Installing a flood light with a basic motion sensor is very cheap compared to full home security systems.