Does all my doors need a mortise deadbolt lock?

To begin with, a mortise lock means that the box housing the lock is placed inside of the door. Not as the standard latch lock, which often is screwed to the exterior of the door. A mortise lock is generally sturdier and stronger. However it’s good to keep in mind that they do also suffer wear and tear.

If your mortise lock is giving you trouble. If you notice more friction or resistance when you turn the key. It’s time to have it checked, maintained and possibly updated. The reason why our skilled workers recommend this. That you upon finding a change in your day to day use of the lock. Instantly contact a professional. Is that once something like this happens. The risk of the lock getting stuck is significantly increased.

Does my door need a mortise deadlockA stuck mortise lock can be a costly affair to sort out. A deadlock refers to how the lock, once engaged stays in position. As opposed to the regular latch type which is often spring operated.

To say that all your door need a mortise deadbolt lock is an exaggeration. However for maximum security it is recommended. The more resistance you put up for any potential intruder. The more likely they are to turn away from the door in the first instance.

By having a mortise deadlock installed on all your exterior doors is no need. But it will bring your home or place of work a much more secure day to day running. Relative their cost, a mortise deadbolt lock provide a huge amount of security. If I already have one, how do I know when it’s time to have a replacement lock installed?

Should you like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at any time on the topic.

How secure is a deadbolt lock?

A deadbolt lock is highly recommended for all homeowners to have installed on their doors. This applies more so to front and back doors than any outdoor structure doors. Although it may be a good idea to also consider having one installed as additional security.

mortise lock recommendations from professionalsNot only is it a great idea to increase your own security standard. But many insurance companies state a certain level of security in order for their policy to be in effect. The documents given by companies such as these are at times difficult to understands. Please feel free to discuss anything that may be unclear with your policy by calling the security and deadbolt lock specialists here.

A deadbolt refers to a lock which is not spring operated. And doesn’t function as the regular latch lock. A latch lock is the most common type of locks that you find on doors today. It’s of vital importance that you have an up to date anti pick and reinforced strike plate variety. Without it your home or business could be in vital danger.

The wide variety of deadbolt locks can make a choice difficult. Ensure that you pick a lock from a good manufacturer which is known for high security locks. One that you trust. This choice will bring you peace of mind and if you ensure that you get the proper guarantees with it. It’ll ensure that your residence is as safe and secure as can be.

By choosing a high quality and high standard deadbolt your security can go from mediocre to very high. Worth noting when it comes to the type of locks that are housed in the door itself. Is that professional and correct installation is vital for the door and lock to provide the security stated on the product. Correct alignment between the stroke play and the bolt which protrudes into it is key. Speak to our professional team today if you have questions about deadbolt locks or other security matters.